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Who Are PTi?

In business since 1992, -before the days of Google!- PTi International was working on Search Engine Optimization. Back when the only ways to search were through Yahoo and MSN, Search Engine Optimization first became an area of interest. Of course, in 1992, home internet was a rare luxury, and there was no such thing as fiber optic broadband or wifi- and most people hadn’t yet signed up to their first email account, yet alone shopped on Amazon. The internet was in its early infancy, and yet the opportunities inherent in having your business SEO-optimized were spotted by PTi.


Having worked through the internet revolution over three decades, no-one understands better than PTi the importance of having your business’ website highly ranked by Google. After all- your product may be brilliant, your staff superb, and your website beautifully user-friendly, but if no-one is finding it in a simple Google search, business opportunities are being lost, because you’re simply not finding your customers and the people who are most interested in what you have to offer.

Importantly in this digital age where services are increasingly outsourced and sub-contracted out, PTi have over twenty years of local experience right here in Atlanta. PTi understand the needs of local businesses and their customers, as well as the demands of the global marketplace in a modern era. They can use this knowledge and expertise to work on your business’ Search Engine Optimization strategy, thus ensuring the future of your business’ online and offline success.

SEO Training in Atlanta

In order for your business to stay on top, you need SEO professionals to make sure that it stays highly visible in the Google search rankings- after all, few people click through several pages of Google results to find what they want. No in-house SEO professionals in your business? No worries. PTi offer Search Engine Optimization training in Atlanta to help your business get the kick start it really needs in order to succeed in a highly competitive online marketplace.

The beauty of PTi’s offering is that it’s fully custom-made for each customer they deal with: no two SEO courses provided are entirely alike. While many companies who use PTi’s services already employ people who have a sole focus on SEO, it’s unlikely that these individuals would have the same wealth of experience as PTi who have, after all, been here since the beginning. As the local experts here in Atlanta, PTi know the secrets of SEO like no-one else.

Online Reputation Management

From corporate and online reputation management (including branding, positive PR, building a social media presence, and meaningful editorial activity to build awareness of a business, such as blogs) to crisis management, as well as managing the online reputation of high-profile individuals, PTi have applied their hard-won knowledge and experience of the online world -gathered over the past 23 years- to help companies improve their standing on the web, on social media, and in the eyes of the public.

If your business needs advice from the experts, PTi are the people to call.