Learning a New Language through Immersion

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Getting your child bilingual education will serve them well in the future. One concern that most parents have when it comes to a child learning a new language is the mode of learning. Catching on to a new language is not easy. Understanding all the rules of another language can be difficult. However, there are techniques that modern teachers use to provide your child with the learning they need. Immersion is one of the ways that your child can learn a new language.

At the Bilingual International School of Paris, learning is through dual language immersion. Children learn by interacting with teachers that are native speakers. What dual language immersion means is that half the study time is in English and the other half in French. There is no dominant language, so a child gets to learn both equally.

Cognitive Skills

One advantage that children get by learning through immersion is that they get to think like native speakers. When kids do not have references to turn to every time they get stuck, it improves their cognitive ability. Through interactions with a native speaker of a certain language, a child gets to be fluent. Thinking like native speakers allows them to form sentences and follow grammar rules correctly. Immersion works better with young children because they grasp and retain new words quickly.

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Proficiency in Two Languages

The immersion program that BISP offers is proficiency-oriented. The aim of the program is to have children that are adept in both languages. One worry that a parent may have is a kid learning a new language and falling behind on his or her first one. The time allocation for teaching French and English is 50-50, which means that children have the same chances of learning each language. Participation in various activities using both languages also ensures that children understand both.

Development of Skills

Learning through immersion also develops some vital skills in a child. When interacting with a native English or French speaker, a child has to listen carefully to catch the words. They have to know how to break words apart and put them back together in sentences. They also have to know how to identify sounds accurately. All these are skills that will benefit children in the future. A child that has been through dual language immersion may use those skills to learn other things.

When looking for a French English nursery school Paris with an immersion program, the Bilingual International School of Paris is an ideal choice. With an equal emphasis on both French and English, children get to learn two languages that will prove to be functional in many ways.