Atlanta is getting more popular !

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Atlanta is getting more popular and thus visitors are increasing at a phenomenally high rate each year. So much so that many persons worldwide are preaching the message that Atlanta is the place to be throughout the year. So what makes Atlanta so popular and why is it the best place for you to be?

Skyline of downtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Atlanta boasts one of the best entertainment facilities in the US and when visited by yourself, with family or friends, you can expect to have one of the most awesome experiences of your life. Outdoor activities in the city can take on a number of exciting things such as walking, jogging and biking on the famed Atlanta Beltline. Along the beltline are exotic restaurants where you can stop and enjoy any scrumptious meal of your choice. If you are a nature lover, while jogging, walking or cycling outdoor, you can stop at the town’s delightful urban oasis where you can explore 30 acres of lush green manicured and well-kept garden plants.

Explore the town’s rich heritage sites

Explore the town’s rich heritage sites and learn why its intriguing history gives Atlanta the fame it is enjoying today. If you love education, you can visit famous colleges and universities in the region. If theatre is your thing, you can spend a few worthwhile hours at Fox Theatre where you will see top class acting at its best. In addition, you have an array of shopping districts, top restaurants, antebellum homes and historic museums to cover.
If you are visiting with the entire family, you may want to look around the Georgia Aquarium where you will see various sea lives happily frolicking in the water. Other places where you may see it fit to spend the evening are at the Alliance Theatre, watching the Atlanta Braves in action, or to relive Jurassic Park at the Fernbank Museum of National History.


As a world top hot spot destination, Atlanta has one of the most awesome nightlife where you can moonlight all night if you like. After dark, you can check out the city’s bar scene, lounges and music venues. The city has events that take place only once per year that usually draws a large amount of visitors. Some of these night events are The Social – The Atlanta Classic @ Opera, Cabana Lounge Labor Day night celebration, Atlanta Beltline Lantern Parade and Remember the Time.


Food plays an important role in the development of Atlanta’s commerce and while there, you can check out some of the top restaurants to see what they have on the menu. As a midtown restaurant located in a hotel, Saltwood takes top honors in food preparation. They serve mouthwatering dishes such as offal, pork belly, octopus, different type of cheeses, top local meats and an array of other fine delicacies.
When visiting Atlanta, you should keep an eye out for the Pijiu Belly. The restaurant carries an Asian influence and thus produces some of the best Asian dish cuisines found in this part of the world. It was given the name Pijiu Belly because of it remarkable way of brewing great beer.
For appetizers, you can order Thai Thai tots, grit stix with pimento cheese, poutine and the sausage plate dish that many people are talking about. However, you may be invited to try their signature dish known as the Rotissere Chicken, which has a unique taste that the restaurant develops and calls it its own.
If fine wine and dining is your number one love, then you should check out Saltwood and Pijiu Belly restaurants where you will get your belly full of hot delicious meals found only in Atlanta.
Atlanta, the city where all your dreams can come true in one place is worth the time, effort and money to visit. Being there will make you feel at home away from home.