Learning a New Language through Immersion

Getting your child bilingual education will serve them well in the future. One concern that most parents have when it comes to a child learning a new language is the mode of learning. Catching on to a new language is not easy. Understanding all the rules of another language can be difficult. However, there are […]

SEO Agency in Atlanta : PTI Intl

Who Are PTi? In business since 1992, -before the days of Google!- PTi International was working on Search Engine Optimization. Back when the only ways to search were through Yahoo and MSN, Search Engine Optimization first became an area of interest. Of course, in 1992, home internet was a rare luxury, and there was no […]

Atlanta is getting more popular !

Atlanta is getting more popular and thus visitors are increasing at a phenomenally high rate each year. So much so that many persons worldwide are preaching the message that Atlanta is the place to be throughout the year. So what makes Atlanta so popular and why is it the best place for you to be?